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March 19, 2012

Karlified! My Visit to the Karl Pop-Up Shop

karl by karl lagerfeld pop up shop

Last week when I was visiting New York the top spot on my list of places to go was the Karl by Karl Lagerfeld Pop-Up Shop. I was so excited to learn that the shop would remain open until August and word on the street is that Uncle Karl himself will be stopping by sometime between now and then. Not only is the shop open, but stock is replenished so if you missed out on a particular item during the online launch or didn’t make it to the pop-up shop opening you are still in luck.

The decor of the shop is black and white – no surprise there – and is pretty minimal so all the amazing product can do the talking. I really love this collection – much more than the capsule collection Lagerfeld did for Macy’s last year. There are great apparel pieces and some really stellar accessories – those collars and gloves!

Not only did the shop have the Karl collection but it had many of Karl Lagerfeld’s latest collaborations including books of his photographs, his glasses collection with Orrefors and his makeup collection for Sephora. I was especially excited to see the Sephora collection as it was not released in the U.S. so now ladies stateside can get their fingers on Karl silhouette-shaped eyeshadow.

The vibe of the shop was relaxed though I’m sure it was anything but on opening day! The staff was very friendly and super-helpful which I love. So much of a shopping experience can be made or ruined by retail staff and I’m happy to say that Justin, Jonathan and Alex made my Karl experience a memorable one.

It was impossible for me to leave empty handed. I tend to be an accessories girl because I’m petite and pretty much wear a uniform that fits my shape so I didn’t go too crazy on apparel. It was hard to narrow down all the stuff I wanted but I ended up getting: a tank for myself, leather fingerless gloves (cut sooo low on the hand and embossed with Karl’s profile!), a tank for a friend, two pins for myself, a tote bag and a limited edition doll for my daughter (for when she’s older – it would not survive the terrible 2s!). I mentioned to Justin the store manager that I wrote a blog about Chanel and he happily let me take photos of the shop and even gifted me a tote and t-shirt that was given out to lucky shoppers at the shop opening. My lucky day!

Take a look at my photos of the shop and the goodies I took home with me below. If you are in the New York area you definitely should check out the Karl by Karl Lagerfeld shop.

Karl Lagerfeld Pop-Up Shop
375 Bleeker Street
New York, NY 10014

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January 26, 2012

Azealia Banks Performs at Karl Lagerfeld’s House

To celebrate the launch of KARL collection for Net-A-Porter, Karl Lagerfeld hosted a swanky soiree at his home in Paris. After dessert, Azealia Banks performed live for the guests check it out below…also notice all the Orrefors by Karl Lagerfeld glasses on the table…

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October 5, 2011

Karlisms: Karl Can Do Whatever He Wants

Orrefors by Karl Lagerfeld

Architectural Digest interviewed Karl Lagerfeld about his collaboration with Orrefors.  The following is republished from Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest: Home accessories by Lagerfeld?

Karl Lagerfeld: I wanted to design glasses for my houses, something I had never done. Simple as that. I told Orrefors, “I am only interested in this one thing—are you interested?” They were, and here we are.

AD: Chanel was fine with it?

KL: I can do whatever I want. Exclusivité is very démodé.

AD: You even helped design the packaging.

KL: It was a package deal! No, let’s say “total concept.” Orrefors was extremely pleasant to work with. At many companies there are too many little chefs who make things more difficult.

AD: Did you go to Sweden to work on the collection?

KL: I never go anywhere. I do sketches and make phone calls, and people visit. It’s more fun to come to Paris.

AD: Why the limited palette?

KL: I am a black-and-white person. Some grays, some dirty pinks, not flashy pinks. I have never been obsessed with color, I cannot explain why. I wanted to become an illustrator as a child. Black-and-white always looks modern, whatever that word means.

AD: Each glass comes with a matching coaster, which you call a “coupette.”

KL: Glasses ruin the surface of a table. You need a little napkin or a bit of paper, like for beer drinkers. Now we have a glass coaster for the glass. All the pieces are the same size on the bottom, so the coupettes fit everything. I don’t understand why nobody ever thought of it before.

Because Uncle Karl, you are a design genius.

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September 18, 2011

Karl Lagerfeld Draws Himself

karl lagerfeld orrefors colette window

Back in June I mentioned that Karl Lagerfeld designed glassware for Orrefors, and now the collection of glasses and vases are available for sale on the Colette website.  To celebrate the collaboration between Lagerfeld and Orrefors, Colette asked Karl Lagerfeld to decorate the window of the boutique.  The result is a pretty genius self-portrait of Karl Lagerfeld holding his designs for Orrefors – one of which he customized with Colette’s logo.  View the video below to see him draw himself…

Images & Video: Colette

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June 12, 2011

Video: Orrefors by Karl Lagerfeld

Last week I mentioned that Karl Lagerfeld designed glasses for Orrefors. Here’s a video of him discussing the project. I love listening to Karl Lagerfeld speak – it’s one quotable line after the next…

Orrefors by Karl Lagerfeld from Orrefors on Vimeo.

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June 10, 2011

Karl Lagerfeld Adds Glassware Designer To His Resume

karl lagerfeld designs glassware

It’s just one thing after another with Uncle Karl – chocolate, pens, books – what next?  Glassware apparently.  Karl Lagerfeld has teamed up with Swedish company Orrefors to produce a collection of glasses and vases.  Playing on the idea of a cup and saucer, the sleek minimal stemware comes with coasters.  The line launches in Europe in September and then hits US shelves in Bloomingdales mid-October.  Always having a way with words, Lagerfeld stated, “It’s not like cheap perfume bottles.”  And cheap they are not, the line ranges from $131 for one glass to $1600 for a vase.

Source: WWD

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